Your big day’s approaching and there’s so much to do! From picking a venue to choosing the right outfits, and let’s not even talk about the hantaran and honeymoon (for a moment). It might seem like a whole mess, and you may not know where to start just yet - but hey, we’ve got your back. Here’s your guide to planning a Malay-Muslim wedding in Singapore!

Compulsory Documents

1. Marriage Preparation Course

Before getting married, Singapore requires you to do a Marriage Preparation Course. The 2-day course held at Islamic organisations and mosques involves learning how to live together, financial and family planning, and even conflict resolution!

And although the course is no longer compulsory, it is highly encouraged that you attend it before getting married.

2. Marriage Registration

Just like every couple in Singapore, Malay Muslim couples also have to register their marriage at the Registry of Marriage for Muslims (ROMM). Items you’ll need to have ready before registering your marriage include your NRIC, the names and IC of your witnesses and wali (male guardian) and the address of your nikah (solemnisation) venue. 

Pre-Wedding Needs

3. Hantaran & Mahr (Mas Kahwin)

If your families are a little more traditional, you might observe the merisik (visit and observe) and meminang & bertunang (proposal and engagement) events pre-solemnisation. It is during the merisik and meminang stages that your families will discuss your hantaran and mahr.

The hantaran is a gift from the groom to the bride’s family that will be used to spend on the wedding costs for the couple, or as a form of security for the bride’s parents’ confidence in the groom. The hantaran is an optional gift, and it is often up to the families to set a price, or forgo it completely. 

The mahr, however, is a compulsory gift in Islam by the groom to the bride. It can come in the form of money or items chosen by the bride.

4. Henna Party

Now that we’ve gotten the technicalities out of the way, let’s talk about the henna party! In Singapore, many Muslim brides embellish their hands with henna tattoos and designs a few nights before the solemnisation. Nowadays, this cultural tradition is also celebrated in conjunction with the bachelorette party. 

If you’re looking for some amazing henna artists, be sure to check out @zeehenna and @itshennaflair . @Itshennaflair even has cute TikTok videos that show you how your henna night will go, even before the henna night itself as well as behind the scenes works!

5. Pre-Wedding Photography

A marriage is more than just a wedding. It’s about the bond you have together, the life you’re about to build, and the shared memories you love and cherish. Which is why it’s so important to capture your love and your memories, so you can always look back and reminisce about your relationship’s growth. And what could be a better way to do that than to have a pre-wedding photography session? 

Check out our pre-wedding location recommendations here for some inspiration! 

Seri x Hafiz's pre-wedding photography session was pack-filled with fun and memories:

Preparation For The Big Day

6. Outfits

Your bridal wear is a large part of your wedding experience. As the belle of the ball and the star of the show, pick outfits that you feel confident and comfortable in! Options to get your outfits include rentals from boutiques, or getting a custom made set if you want something unique. Just take a look at Huda x Ilham’s gorgeous wedding costumes!

While we’re here, a good accessory to a bride’s costume is the bouquet, so make sure to add that to your wedding to-do list: you’ve got to get a florist!  We recommend checking out @thenaturehues and @shadeandhueflora on Instagram. Their bouquets are modern, bright and eclectic!

7. Venue

When you think of a Malay Muslim wedding in Singapore, two words probably come to mind: warm and lively! Often filled with music, laughter and your loved ones intermingling and celebrating your day together, your venue is an important part of your wedding. So be sure to choose a spot that’s got the decor and pelamin you’d love, and of course a large enough size to accommodate all your guests!


Huda & Ilham’s venue, Plume, was definitely one for the books: 

A good venue often has everything you need: catering, a gorgeous pelamin, and some even offer to print your wedding cards!

8. Guestlist

Speaking of guests, it’s important that you finalise your guestlist at least 4-5 months advance if you’re having a covid wedding, where sessions are in order. Many couples have separated their guestlist into parts. Eg. Friends, close family, extended family… That way, when the guestlist is divided up into sessions, your guests will be around familiar people, and your wedding reception sessions will be fun and lively. 

Finalising your guestlist 4-5 months in advance also gives your wedding card vendor enough time to print the wedding invites (and then for you to send them out)! takes 1 month to get them design and printed at affordable prices, so you should definitely consider them for your wedding.

9. Schedules

From when to walk down the aisle and greet your guests to when the food should be served, some weddings require you to note these details down to the minute. Especially if your reception has been divided up into sessions, and there needs to be enough time for everyone to eat, mingle and take photos with you. Not to mention your speeches and cake cutting session!

It’s definitely something to keep in mind if you want everything to go smoothly. This way, your bridesmaids, groomsmen, vendors and family members will also know what to do and when on the day itself.

10. Wedding Photography

This list would be amiss without your wedding photographers and videographers! The best way to capture your day, don’t forget to pick the right photographers and videographers for your wedding. They’ll be in charge of capturing your memories, intimate moments, and events of the day - so you can look back on your wedding day years from now! 

Natasha Kasim Photography has collaboration with KAS. Visuals to offer photography and videography packages that are perfect for just this: pick a 4 hour, 8 hour or 12 hour package, depending on which package suits your day best! The packages also come with complimentary 100 pieces of invitation cards by Kaduo, so that’s two things down just by signing up for a package with us.

Ili & Afiq’s shoot on their wedding was definitely a memorable one:

You might also want to look into a post-wedding photography service to commemorate your marriage. If you’re not sure what a post-wedding photography session entails though, feel free to check out our article on it here, or reach out to us on Instagram. We’ll be happy to help you get ready for your wedding shoot.

There are so many things to consider while planning a wedding, but we hope that with this guide, you’ll know exactly where to start!

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