Your wedding day is on the horizon and you’re both incredibly excited. From planning the venue and food to renting the best outfits for yourselves, there’s so much to do, so much to think about! 

But a marriage is more than just a wedding. It’s about the bond you have together, the life you’re about to build, and the shared memories you love and cherish. Which is why it’s so important to capture your love and your memories, so you can always look back and reminisce about your relationship’s growth. And what could be a better way to do that than to have a pre or post wedding photography session?

Problem is, with so much to do and so little time, you might not know how to prepare for the session, or what to expect. Well not to worry, Natasha Kasim Photography has come up with the must-haves and must-preps for your upcoming pre/post-wedding photography session. We’ve got your back!

1. Pick A Location

Let’s start with one of the most exciting parts of a photography session: the location. When picking a location, you might want to choose somewhere that’s meaningful to the both of you.

If you spent much of your dating days at the Botanic Gardens having picnics and heart to heart talks, that might just be your choice of location for the photography session! 

Speaking of memories, your location choice could also be somewhere you’d love to create memories. A photography session is more than just shots of you smiling. It’s a chance for you to interact, bond and get closer to your partner in a memorable setting. 

Afiq & Jannah’s pre-wedding photography session at the Botanic Gardens was both charming and filled with cherished memories of their day posing in the gorgeous gardens:

2. Choose Your Outfits

Looking your best is no doubt one of your top concerns, and picking the right outfit will definitely help with that! We suggest wearing beige or white for outdoor photoshoots, that way you’d stand out amidst the greenery in a charming yet subtle way. 

Indoor shoots are a lot more flexible, since it depends on the colours in the area. For both outdoor and indoor shoots, it might be helpful to avoid wearing colours similar to your location’s colours, that way you don’t blend in to the surroundings. Remember, the shoot is about you and your partner! 

Another way to go about picking your outfit is to come up with a colour theme! Display your bond with matching or complimentary colours. Alvina & Kellson wore colours that complement each other well during their pre-wedding photoshoot, while still maintaining their own sense of style:

3. Wear Your Engagement/Wedding Ring

One of the most iconic ways to symbolise your marriage: your engagement/wedding ring! A symbol of commitment, your rings captured and immortalised in a picture might just be one of the best ways to display your love for one another. 

So if you’re heading for a pre/post wedding photoshoot, do remember to put your rings on!

4. Plan Your Poses

Posing can be tough if you’re a little shy around the camera. Luckily, there’s a solution for that! Head onto Pinterest to check out poses you might want to try with your partner. We have curated our very own mood boards on Pinterest to make it easier for couples to plan their dream wedding. Head on to our Pinterest profile to check them out!  They can be as simple as holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes or making each other laugh. 

Jingyi definitely found ways to make Daren laugh during their pre-wedding photoshoot!

Another way to plan your poses is to resolve to be yourself. The best poses are dynamic, fun, and showcase a lot of who you are - as individuals and as a couple. Staying true to who you are could prevent a lot of awkwardness. You can do this by interacting with your partner, talking, and smiling at them the way you would any other day. Your photographer will make sure to get all your best moments - we’ve got your back!

Insyirah & Faiz’s pre-wedding photoshoot was filled with love and fun as they played around and had fun together:

5. Bring A Change of Shoes

There’s going to be a lot of walking during your shoot, as you move from place to place in search of the best backgrounds, spots and as you try all the poses you’ve planned for!

So if you’re wearing heels or tight shoes, you might want to consider bringing an extra set of slippers or comfy shoes for moments where you’re resting or walking from place to place! Comfort is your best friend, especially since a photoshoot can take up to a few hours at a time. It’s important to both look and feel good!

5. Prepare A Mini Make Up Kit

This one’s not just for the ladies - men might just need this too! Bringing a makeup kit with important look good, feel good items like powder, lipstick and even hair wax will help you maintain your desired look without you having to lug around too much during the photoshoot as you hop from place to place.

This is especially so important for outdoor photoshoots! With so many potential photo op spots, you’re bound to travel from area to area in search of the best captures. And the Singapore sun is not one for maintaining makeup, us ladies know that much! 

6. Don’t Forget The Essentials

Depending on your package, you might end up enjoying your shoot for a few hours. So make sure to come prepared! A bottle of water, some snacks and a portable charger can go a long way. Comfort is key, you’ll want to enjoy every moment of your shoot without having to worry too much about your thirst or hunger. After all, it is happy memories we are capturing!

Hariza & Mikhail’s snack breaks even made it into their pre-wedding album:

7.  You Might Need Props

An overlooked part of many photoshoots: props! And no, we don’t mean those cute ones on a stick that you might see at wedding photo booths - although those work just fine, if you’d like! 

An option that many couples go for however, is a mini bouquet of flowers. The perfect way to add an accent to your outfits or a place for your hands (awkward models - we see you! Don’t worry about it!) flowers are a timely addition to the photograph. And they make for a romantic shot, too! 

I mean, just look at the way Insyirah & Faiz showcased their love for each other with these loving poses: 

8.  Have A Back Up Plan

Plans go awry, especially if you’re planning to shoot outdoors. Between unpredictable weather and unexpected events cropping up, it’s always important to have a second plan. Have in mind and be ready with a possible second location, theme, and style should things not go according to plan.

But hey, no worries! If you’re still unsure about what to do and how to prepare for your upcoming photoshoot, feel free to reach out to us by email or drop us a DM on Instagram. We’ll be happy to help you get ready!

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"Really love the end product of the pictures. Can see that Natasha did her research showing us the posing ideas from Pinterest making the whole process quick and easy. Her photography skills are amazing and her editing just makes it even better."

Maisarah x Hafiz's Post-wedding