Weddings are dreams come true. From the right dress to the right venue, it’s got to work out perfectly! A day many of us envision since we’ve met the one, there’s nothing quite like watching your big day perfectly unfold, just the way you imagined it. 

And a large portion of that picture? The wedding decor! The wedding decor sets the theme of the wedding, is the background for the majority of your wedding photos, and definitely brings out an extra level of charm to the wedding’s atmosphere. Which is why it’s so important to set up or pick the right wedding decor theme for your wedding! 

So if you’re trying to figure out how to bring your dream wedding to life, read on. We’ve gathered 5 wedding decor inspirations that’ll help you set the right atmosphere for your dream wedding. 

1. Floral

You don’t always need elaborately staged poses for wedding photography. In fact, we say that the best place to start is by taking a simple but memorable photo simply holding up your marriage cert.

A symbol of romance, flowers are both an elegant and beautiful way to brighten your wedding venue and bring about a little bit of class. Plus, the range of flowers available means you can pick the flowers that best suit your personality. For something bright and vibrant, go for sunflowers. If you’re looking for cool and classy, perhaps the carnation or rose might be a better fit. 

You could also bring the entire thing together by tying the motifs of your wedding gown, bridal bouquet and hantaran trays with the floral-themed wedding venue! Huda & Ilham’s floral-themed wedding venue was definitely a sight to behold:

2. Minimal

This option might be especially useful for those holding their nikah ceremony at home. Wedding decor takes time and effort to make, and sometimes you just don’t have that kind of time! But working with little doesn’t mean you’ll be forgoing an aesthetic wedding of your dreams. 

Decorations don’t always have to be grand, and minimal settings definitely hold their own! So if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, the minimal wedding decor theme might be the decor for you. Mariam & Ismail made do with what they had, spruced up their living room and lo behold! An elegant nikah setting!

3. Rustic

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ rustic themed wedding? Surround you and your loved ones with decor inspired by nature and outdoors complemented by charming wood accents; it’ll make for a cozy and aesthetic wedding setting!

Ili & Afiq’s wedding at Dad’s Corner pulled off the rustic wedding theme perfectly, with chandeliers, white blooms, greenery and wooden accents that characterise the rustic theme. 

4. Fine Art

Nothing says charm quite like venue decor filled with quaint antiquities and historic buildings! Farhan & Amirah’s wedding venue at Raffles Hotel especially brought to life art and history in the best way possible. The highlight of the space: colonial buildings and a gorgeous mint-green water fountain that served as an incredibly unique pelamin! 

If you’re looking for a unique one-of-a-kind wedding, the fine art wedding decor might just be your best shot.

5. Chandelier Fairytale

We’ve saved the best for last! For the truly immersive fairytale-like wedding experience all of us dream about, the Chandelier Fairytale theme is your best bet. An elegant accent highlight to complementary whites and golds that make up your pelamin and venue, chandeliers add a little grandeur to a wedding! 

For that extra magical touch, don’t forget to hang fairy lights all around. They’re a brilliant way to brighten up the venue and serve as a soft complementary glow to the already bright chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. 

Hanis & Khairul did just that for their wedding at The Ballroom, and the results were beautiful!

Have your perfect wedding decor in mind yet? It’s hard to choose, especially when all of them bring about a special something to the wedding! If you’re not sure how your ideal theme might turn out in photos, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram! We’ll be happy to help advise you for your wedding day.

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