Picture this, you’re at a dreamy location and you’re all set in your tuxedo and flowy white dress (or what you will), but you’re looking at your partner, completely frozen behind the camera, chuckling awkwardly because suddenly you don’t know what to do with your hands or where to stand. 

It’s normal to feel nervous for your wedding photos with cameras pointed at you for almost 12 hours straight, trying to follow a strict programme timeline, all while clad in makeup and your finest clothes. Maybe you’ve seen the magazines or you’ve scrolled through our Instagram, and you’ve thought to yourself: how did they do it so easily? How did they get that picture-perfect shot?

Well the first step is finding a good photographer (wink) who can assure you and guide you through the shoot. But the next crucial step is planning your poses beforehand, both amongst yourself and with your photographer, so that all of you are prepared to capture that shot. We recommend planning your poses as one of your must-haves in your wedding photography checklist and why we also want to share some of our favourite poses that’ll have you and your beau looking cute and in love. 

To suit each of your preferences, we’ve categorised the poses according to different vibes and moods. First up, the must-haves in almost every wedding photo album: The Minimalist series.

1. The One with the Marriage Certificate

You don’t always need elaborately staged poses for wedding photography. In fact, we say that the best place to start is by taking a simple but memorable photo simply holding up your marriage cert.

Whether you look at the camera or look at each other, hold one certificate together or one respectively, the most exciting part about this pose is that you simply let the joy of finally sealing the deal take the lead. Watch your photographers eagerly snap away, capturing that moment of happiness with your beaming smiles effortlessly making the shot more authentic.

2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Him and Her

In Malay/Muslim weddings, one of the most intense moments is during the akad nikah ceremony, or wedding solemnisation. Everything, down to the last-minute preparations, has been leading up to this moment: when the couple is finally declared husband and wife.

For this shot, it’s less posed and more spontaneous but you can tell your photographer beforehand that you’d like a shot of both soon-to-be husband and wife during the ceremony. We highly recommend a shot like that in Hanis and Khairul’s wedding, with the groom in the forefront and bride in the background.

Not only is it an unrehearsed shot, such framing can be symbolic too as some married Muslim men have shared their experiences of feeling nervous with the weight of their words as they held the kadi’s hand and verbally accepted the marriage in front of two witnesses. Sometimes, your photographer might even capture a look of elation or relief once the marriage is legalised, or “dah sah” as some may say colloquially.

Our pro tip? Try engaging a second photographer in your package to capture the emotions of the bride, groom and even the guests as well. Natasha Kasim Photography offers having a second shooter in our 8-hour and 12-hour packages for both our photo and photo + video options. (You can DM us for the full rate card!)

Now if you’re looking for poses that are a little more edgy or the kind you might find on the cover of a magazine, we recommend The Editorial series.

3. The ‘It’ Pose

First up in this series is what I would alternatively call “the power couple” shot. It’s a pose that resonates regality and sophistication. Most importantly, it commands your attention and captures your eye, making it perfect for a magazine cover – did someone say Vogue?

For this shot, we recommend one of you to be seated while the other stands right behind them. Next, ensure that each of your bodies are facing opposite directions, tilting diagonally towards each other, like Nikii and Khair (above), or away from each other, like Farhan and Amirah (below).

Your grand outfits paired with your upright postures imbue these photos with an air of confidence portraying a couple that looks self-assured (and hopefully feels it too!).

4. Wanderlust

Next up, the wanderlust pose. You know that feeling in the past 2 years where you just wanted to take off from this small island? When you were yearning to travel despite being cooped up at home amidst the waves of the pandemic?

When you closed your eyes, tilted your head to the skies and felt like you could spread your (imaginary) wings and fly?

This pose captures that wistfulness that you might have felt and that might persist in a COVID wedding where things may not be as limitless and fantastical as you imagined. Or maybe you just want a sleek photo that portrays the calmness of having gotten through the hecticness of wedding planning. 

Whether it's a tranquil photo or some wedding planning advice, Natasha Kasim Photography has got you covered with this pose and a guide to plan your wedding here

5. Safe Distance

Another pandemic-related pose that also gives you that crisp editorial feel is this safe distancing pose. It might seem contrary for a couple to be standing apart for their wedding photos. However, this pose gives you that distance-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder feel as the couple looks longingly at each other from afar. It might even speak to the distance you have crossed to get to your big day.

If you’re looking for a more edgier pose, try both looking straight into the camera with a relatively serious face, or a smize, as Tyra Banks would say. This easily makes your photo more dramatic, if that’s what you’re going for.

But for those of you that merely want to capture the intimate moments of affection between a couple, The Tender Touches series might just be for you.

6. The Salam

For Muslim couples, this series might be the most momentous one, perhaps right after The Minimalist. Muslims are encouraged not to have skin contact with the opposite gender, especially because it breaks their ablution (or wudhu). As such, a tender touch exchanged by the bride and groom becomes extra special as it may just be their first.

Natasha Kasim Photography suggests doing a salam (or kissing the others’ hand) as it combines both the intimacy of physical touch and the value of respect in Islam. You can coordinate with your photographers to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom salam-ing each other as well as their parents and new in-laws, just like in Akhim and Erin’s wedding here.

7. Kiss Her Forehead

If you’re looking for something more conventionally romantic and affectionate, a kiss to her forehead might be the perfect pose. This pose will have the best pay-off for all you rom-com and K-drama fans for how sweet the gesture is. 

It might be a little awkward for Muslim couples given that it might be the first time the groom kisses the bride, in any shape or form. But fret not, that’s why we started off this article telling you to plan it beforehand so that neither one of you feels caught off-guard or unprepared for it.

Sometimes, because of their nerves, couples leave their eyes open for this pose but we recommend closing your eyes for a more authentic touch.

Look at that, we’re already fangirling secondhand for you guys!

Speaking of fanservice, if you’d like photos that are more dynamic and pop-culture inspired, then perhaps you could try the poses from The Cinematic Masterpiece series.

8. Ballroom Dancing

For a pose that reminds you of a Disney fairytale, we recommend going with this ballroom dancing pose. You could play some music in the background to set the mood or do it acapella-style. The important thing is for both of you to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.

Our fan favourite? The twirl. Especially for brides with an organza or flowy dress in general, it’s a great pose that demonstrates movement, excitement and almost a natural chemistry between newlyweds. Just look at Waseemah and Ajmal in these photos!

9. Run Away Baby

From when to walk down the aisle and greet your guests to when the food should be served, some weddings require you to note these details down to the minute. Especially if your reception has been divided up into sessions, and there needs to be enough time for everyone to eat, mingle and take photos with you. Not to mention your speeches and cake cutting session!

This pose, whose title is inspired by the Bruno Mars song of the same name, takes after a well-known go-to trope: the forbidden romance. 

As you and your spouse pretend-traipse through the gardens or buildings you’re in, you suddenly look like you could be on set for Romeo and Juliet or any other star-crossed love story. Hold each others’ hands, steal furtive glances behind or simply laugh to each other as you run towards your uncertain future.

Because at least here, you know it’s all for the camera and nothing more (I hope!).

10. The Fault in Our Stars

And to top off our list, nothing says romantic cinematic masterpiece better than the screenplay adaptation of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Recreate the iconic pose that was plastered on “now showing” movie posters in our youthful years as you lay down on the grass, heads next to each other but upside down from the camera, just like Huda and Ilham here.

That’s our 10 poses for you but whatever happens, let the excitement of your wedding day steal the spotlight. Stay candid and allow yourselves the freedom to be happy and playful! Most importantly, have fun and remember, this list is non-exhaustive so feel free to hit us up in our emails or DMs with your creative and unique poses so we can all have a blast during your wedding photoshoot!

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