Wedding photos are more than just memories. They showcase who you and your partner are through intimate moments, cherished memories and shared dreams. Which is why tying your photoshoot together with elements of who you are could be the key to amazing captured memories! And this is where moodboards come in.

A mood board, or an inspiration board, is a tool that helps you put your visual ideas into a concrete and cohesive idea. Often, they’re made up of a collage of images, colour palettes and ideas that surround a specific theme you might have in mind. The best part? By creating a moodboard together with your partner for your photoshoot, it will be much easier for you to prepare outfits and props for your photoshoot. Plus, your photographer will now know exactly how to execute your idea! 

So to help you out with that, here are 3 easy steps to create your wedding or pre/post-wedding photoshoot moodboard!

1. Record and organise your ideas

Coming up with a photoshoot idea can be tough, so thank goodness for the internet! Head onto Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest (P.S. you can check out Natasha Kasim Photography’s Pinterest here!) and get to saving all your photo inspirations.

The photos don’t have to be limited to photos of couples at their photoshoots. They can be photos of colour palettes, aesthetics, items, scenery and more! As long as they capture the essence and atmosphere you want to achieve in your photoshoot, add them in.

Photos like these from Aishah’s Engagement aren’t of wedding poses or couples, but we could definitely see them being added to a mood board! 

Once you’re done, organise them by theme! Not all photos might have the same theme, you might have more than one dream photoshoot aesthetic: and that’s okay! All you have to do is organise your photos by theme. And just like that, you’ll have started creating a moodboard.

2. Decide on a Theme

After organising your photos into themes, pick a theme that best appeals to you and your partner! You could pick a theme that surrounds your hobbies, favourite colours, cherished spots or even favourite moods and vibes. Remember, it’s okay to be creative and open to new ideas!

Farhan & Amirah’s artsy inspired wedding shots were definitely something unique:

3. Assembling Your Mood Board 

Once you’ve decided on a theme, put your collected photos and inspirations together. Must-have elements include a colour palette, a key photo encapsulating the entire theme, and other supporting elements!

Remember not to shy away from unconventional inspirational items such as materials, textures, and even typographies. Often, these help add character to your moodboard and define your idea better. 

Now, in 3 easy steps, you can create your photoshoot moodboard too! Nice and simple. Oh, and if you’re not sure where to get inspiration for your shoots, just check out our Instagram or Pinterest for ideas!

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