Your pre/post-wedding photoshoot is approaching and you’ve got everything in order: the location, the theme and even the props! But oh no, you’re not sure what to wear! There are so many options to choose from, and both you and your partner want to look your best. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! 

Check out these 7 outfit ideas for your next pre/post-wedding photoshoot. From patterned prints to elegant dresses, you’ll soon have the perfect outfit to capture cherished memories in. 

1. Stand Out With Colour

When it comes to picking an outfit, always think of your photoshoot location! If your location has bright colours, you might just want to wear something plain and simple, so you can stand out against it. 

Daren & Jing Yi’s pre-wedding photoshoot was set against the popular Peranakan Houses in Singapore. And since colourful pastels served as their background, Daren and Jing Yi opted for off whites and muted greys that made them stand out amongst the colours!

2. Baby Blues

If you would like to match with your partner but don't want to go for the usual all white combination, you can opt for matching shades of blue. Audrey & Christopher perfectly utilised the blue colour outfits to match their blue themed house.

Blue also complements any skin tone really well and it fits well with any background:

3. Dress For The Activity

One of the best ways to capture your love for each other in a wedding photoshoot is through a common activity! Insyirah & Faiz did just that for their pre-wedding photoshoot by going for a picnic in botanic gardens. Their outfits were perfect for the picnic date: a combination of comfort and style.

Their white top and khaki coloured pants combination screamed romance. But it also meant that they were in clothes flexible enough to climb trees, walk around the gardens and enjoy each other’s company during a picnic.

4. Similar Couple Shades

Show off both your individual personality while encapsulating your love for each other with matching colours and shades! Do this by picking a colour that best suits the both of you, then mix it up with different motifs, patterns and pieces that best fit who you are.

Afiq and Jannah opted for the same soft beige, with Jannah’s sweet lace dress complementing Afiq’s basic tee: which totally fit the duo’s personalities. Sweet and dependable!

5. Go Traditional

There’s nothing more charming than ethnic costumes; they bring about an extra sparkle to the photoshoot! With traditional patterns, laces and cuts, they stand out beautifully against any background, which means they’ll make you stand out too! 

Fatin & Hazeem’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Botanic Gardens’ Gallop Extension went surprisingly beautifully for the black baju kurung worn by the couple:

Risha & Jake’s pre-wedding Christmas photoshoot came out just as gorgeously with their highlight outfit of choice: a purple satin sari, fit for royalty!

6. Classy & Elegant

You’d never think to pair a natural setting with a formal outfit but Shazwani and Zahir pulled this off flawlessly! Stretching the boundaries of popular pre-wedding outfits, Shazwani and Zahir have definitely proven that formal outfits might just be the next trendy go-to for your photoshoot. 

Decked in a fitting suit and more than gorgeous dress, their pre-wedding shoot turned out absolutely stunning:

Shazwani’s dress is also a beautiful take on the versatility of the classic white dress!

7. Rock Patterns

What could be a better way to signify celebration than beautiful colours and patterns? A burst of motifs that just represent ‘you’, patterns are a great way to stand out against the background and bring some life to your photos.

Maisarah opted for bold florals for her post-wedding photoshoot with her partner Hafiz! Set against Canterbury Road’s gorgeous, lush trees and magical landscape, she definitely stood out in her photos. Check out Maisarah x Hafiz’s post-wedding photoshoot here!

Have you picked your outfit yet? If you haven’t, that’s okay! We’ve got a whole bunch of guides that might just help you decide your pre/post-wedding photoshoot’s theme and vibe (before you narrow down the outfit details). Check out our guide to planning your pre/post-wedding photography moodboard or pre/post-wedding photography checklist! They might just help you get started on your ideal photoshoot.

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