Searching for a life partner and a wedding photographer has one thing in common: it has to be a good match.

You might have gorgeous decorations, stunning outfits and a solid plan but if your wedding photographer can’t capture it well, does it really matter? 

Granted, maybe it will still matter since it is an important day regardless but wedding photography is essential in preserving these beautiful details and memorable moments. When you have a wedding photographer whom you are comfortable with and trust wholeheartedly, you can feel at ease knowing this monumental task is in safe hands. But how do you choose the right wedding photographer?

Natasha Kasim Photography suggests you ask your wedding photography candidates these questions to help you decide:

1. Could I take a look at a full wedding gallery?

There’s no shame in asking a potential wedding photographer company for a full gallery of a wedding set. In fact, it should be your number one priority.

Sure, their Instagram and website might have caught your eye but viewing an entire gallery shows you the photographer company’s range and skillset. (Psst, you can check out Natasha Kasim Photography’s full galleries here.)

Moreover, wedding photography is in itself an art, the art of storytelling. So take note of the shots your photographer takes, the details they focus on, the composition and the overall sense you get from the set.

Did you feel like you could immerse yourself in that person’s wedding, even for a snap? If yes, it’s likely that the photos spoke to you and that you may want to consider this photographer to capture your wedding.

2. What is your contract & payment timeline like?

One of the first things you might have asked your wedding photographer is their rates. The question comes intuitively especially when you’re accounting for your budget.

However, something you should also be mindful to ask for is their payment timeline, that is, when do they collect their payments: before the day of the wedding or within a month or is it after you have received the edited photos? You can also check roughly how much they expect in terms of a deposit. Here at Natasha Kasim Photography we require just a 30% deposit to book your date, 50% on the event day and the rest of the 20% only after you have received your wedding gallery. To further ease your payment worries, we also have a partnership with Atome where you can further split your payments.

At the same time, it’s good to find a photographer who provides a contract for their services. Having one ensures that both of you are on the same page (literally!) about the expectations of the services and deliverables, such as the number of photos you’ll receive or number of hours you’ll need your photographer for. In the case of disagreements (which we hope doesn’t happen), you can turn to the contract to refer to what was previously established. 

At Natasha Kasim Photography, we have digitalised our contract for the convenience of our clients such that they do not have to meet in person to sign it. It’s one of our innovations from COVID-19 but it’s also more suitable for all you busy grooms and brides-to-be.

3. What’s your backup plan?

As much as we here at Natasha Kasim Photography want your wedding to go as planned, you may never know what could happen on the actual day. That is why we suggest that you ask your wedding photographer what their plan B is.

Find out if they have reliable photographers on-hand who can substitute them in case of emergencies. Natasha Kasim Photography has a team of well-trained photographers and editors who will make sure the photos delivered are of a high standard. After all, this alternative could make a difference between carrying on with your wedding photoshoot as planned or having to find another photographer at the very last minute. Yikes.

4. Can you share what your workflow for the actual day is like?

What kind of photographer is your wedding photographer? Are they someone who likes to get involved and direct the poses heavily? Or do they prefer to blend into the background and capture those candid shots?

Our photographers prioritise authentic and candid moments throughout the wedding but also recognise when couples need direction for different kinds of poses. In fact, we even have a list of fan-favourite poses that you can consider for your wedding day.

It’s good to know how your photographer works beforehand. After all, perhaps some of your aunts and uncles might not like being told what to do.

You know your loved ones best so you can decide if a wedding photographer can fit into the dynamics of your wedding day and take the kind of shots that you have envisioned.

5. How can we be sure that the wedding photos are kept safe before we receive them?

We understand how precious wedding photos are, especially to the couple getting married so fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here at Natasha Kasim Photography, we use dual SD cards on our cameras to ensure that all your photos are backed up on both cards, just in case one of them fails. It’s a trick that most professional photographers turn to because they never want to risk losing their hard work, and definitely not an event that won’t happen twice.

We also backup our photos both physically (on hard drives) and onto the cloud to make sure that they are kept safe before we hand over the edited versions. Moreover, edited photos are kept in an online gallery for up to a year where you are free to download and store it in your own devices/computer whenever you feel like doing so. Say goodbye to all the memories lost due to computer crashes and viruses because you can still gain access to your photos in this way.

So feel free to ask these questions and more to any wedding photographer you wish to work with (yes, even us!). In fact, even if you’re very certain you want a certain photographer, we recommend still asking these questions so that you can hopefully reaffirm your faith in them.

Ultimately, whatever questions you ask them, the key thing is to develop a sense of trust between the couple and the wedding photographer. A wedding is an enormous milestone and unlike pre/post wedding photography, you can’t quite redo it again. So take your time, ask the important questions and choose wisely. We hope you find someone who gives you their best work and the best shots for your best day!

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My photographers were Athirah and Faheem and they were very professional but at the same time makes us feel comfortable be ourselves during our wedding. Photos came out nice and candid just how I wanted it! Might get them again for any future events!

Jamil x Fitri's Actual Day Wedding